Our Advantage

What Sets Us Apart?

How we differentiate ourselves is about understanding the challenges and pain points of our customers and putting solutions in place to address them. Here are some of the challenges and pain points that our solution addresses to create our competitive advantage. This is what differentiates us —  “We acknowledge and understand the challenges but we focus on the solution.”

Our Customers’ challenges and pain points: 

  • ​Getting themselves lock-ins to vendors but have the flexibility and agility to select and migrate when terms and conditions are right.

  • Slow in migrating their legacy applications to the cloud and therefore, not realizing earlier the economic value it can bring for the organization.

  • Paying significant investment dollars in building and migrating business applications to be web and cloud ready.

  • Having to write off capital expenditure because of the cloud.

  • Sacrificing Quality to deliver on time.

  • Needing to pay for substantial upfront software license and annual license renewable fees for development tools.

  • Have to recruit and retain special IT expertise with specific proprietary skillset. More than likely these proprietary skillsets are limited in supply and as a result, longer recruitment lead time and are more likely expensive resources to hire.

  • Competing for an already shrinking talent pool and exacerbated by an ageing working population in many countries. They want to focus on their core business as that’s what makes them competitive.

We established NUBEVISION to address such problems with an
INNOVATIVE SOLUTION APPROACH to the delivery of IT projects.

Our Value Proposition

Getting our customers’ existing and new business applications to be all encompassing Web, Cloud and Devices ready with our innovative approach. The approach includes the following key attributes: 

Invest Once, Engineer Once and Ready for the Web/Cloud Anytime.
It reduces costs, risks and development time.
We reduced development time and improve quality through our own automation toolsets as a complement and supplement to our experienced talent pool.
Protect your existing invested and capitalized IT infrastructure but ever ready for the cloud.
High “vendor agnosticity”, providing flexibility and choices of infrastructure and platform vendors. Truly a solution on your terms.
Support for open standards and open source tools.

Improves time to market/production and software quality through better and integrated software testing automation and continuous source code generation.

We charged for our professional services to help you build and migrate business applications. We do not charge for software licensing of our ecosystem and the tools we use. Yet, we are flexible to work with software components that you have licensed separately and wanted to use.

Minimizes Customer’s risks by converting existing business applications to be both web and cloud ready while existing production applications are running. Reduces pressure and risks simultaneously. In addition, we can help Enterprises accelerate the modernization of legacy applications to the cloud using our automation toolset.

A talent pool that is not just experienced but cost effective. Our first Global Delivery Center is in the Philippines with its low labor arbitrage, experienced talent pool and high English language literacy. All vital attributes for being Global in ambition.

We can help customers especially small and medium enterprises reduce costs and increased accessibility to applications that are otherwise cost and resources prohibitive through offering applications on a pay as you go model but without sacrificing business functionalities.

Have Any Questions?

Let us give you more info on how start your journey toward Cloud Technology.

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5th Avenue & 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City
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